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Photographs Infused in Aluminum

Photographs infused in aluminum represent a new art medium that enhances your viewing experience and guarantees the photographs will be preserved without change for more than one hundred years.

When viewed on aluminum, a photograph is notably vibrant with engaging luminescence. The detail and resolution are as good or better than on traditional media.

A photograph infused in aluminum is on the leading edge of style and is ideal for contemporary homes and offices, or any place where innovation is displayed. Because the medium is completely waterproof, the photograph can be displayed in damp environments that would ruin traditional media—it can even be displayed outdoors.

The Materials
The finished product requires no mat, no mounting board, no paper, and no frame. The picture floats ½″ from the wall when hung on a standard picture hook. The materials used are an aluminum sheet, a white base coat that permeates the aluminum and accepts the ink, pigment based inkjet inks, and a super hard protective coating.

The Techniques
An aluminum sheet is cut to size and polished to remove all bumps and scratches. The smooth sheet is then covered with a base coat, usually white, that permeates the metal. Next, my original digital photograph is printed directly on the metal, and the ink infuses into both the base coat and the aluminum. When dry, the surface is coated with a transparent protective coating. The steps described in this paragraph are done by an external lab under my supervision. They are the only exception to my usual insistence on doing everything myself. Using a lab allows me to deliver photographs to my patrons far more economically than if I had to acquire all the special equipment for myself.

I use two different types of mounts, depending on the size of the final piece. Both types float the finished picture about ½″ from the wall.

The Care
Only one type of care is needed—do not bend or dent the aluminum. Although you can tap both the back side and the printed side with a rubber mallet to remove the deformity, 100% removal is not likely. The bottom line is, don’t drop the picture.

A photograph infused in aluminum is both scratch resistant and UV- and moisture-proof. You can clean it with Windex and a clean cloth—an advantage in any environment.

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